Free Concert

Travis Brass Quintet


Travis Air Force Base Brass Quintet

Free Concert on Thursday, September 3rd, 7:30 pm at the Midvale Performing Arts Center, 695 W. Center St.

The United States Air Force Band of the Golden West is stationed in the San Francisco Bay area at Travis Air Force Base, California. The only active duty Air Force band west of the Rockies, they offer 7 outstanding performing groups

One of the cornerstone ensembles of the Band of the Golden West is the Travis Brass Quintet. Travis Brass has been delighting audiences in the Western U.S. for several decades. We are a brass quintet made up of two trumpets, a horn, a trombone and a tuba. Travis brass performs any style of music appropriate to the audience and event. As part of Air Force Public Affairs, we are charged with delivering the Air Force story to communities within our 7-state touring region of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Finally as professional musicians, we deliver excellence by providing entertaining, exceptional concerts and wide-ranging educational assistance for music educators and aspiring music students.

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Community Response

Midvale Arts works hard to make sure that every experience with them is a positive one. Their staff is friendly and dedicated, their facilities are clean and well cared for, and their productions are a lot of fun. As a performer and a patron, I know that they value me and the time, effort, and money I share with them. It has been a privilege to be a part of their unique community, and I hope to have another opportunity soon!


I have been involved with the Midvale Arts for many years. From being on the stage, behind the scenes and in the audience. Every show has been entertaining, fun and uplifting. I never have to worry if the shows being presented are appropriate or not for me or my family to see. I also enjoy that each show presents new talent. I feel that the Midvale Arts gives many opportunities for everyone to shine.


Midvale is such a fun theater. My favorite part is that they are not playing favorites and ask that anyone who expresses interest in a roll be given a fair shot. Their fee is nominal, which makes it so affordable to make a night of it in this day and age (where everything costs a pretty penny.) I love the dedication of their “employees” who are usually citizens of Midvale – happy to serve and help entertain the public. You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated crew. The arts are represented in such a fashion that you want to come play and be entertained. I love having this in my backyard. I couldn’t be more proud of a community.