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What does it mean to be in a production team?

Theater productions usually have an army of workers behind the scenes to pull of what is seen on stage.  Twelve Angry Jurors had a much much smaller crew than normal. This production team, or pro team, consisted of 5 individuals: Producer Stephanie Johnson, Director Melody Chapman, Assistant Director (Production Assistant) DeeDee Palmer, Stage Manager/Tech Jacob […]

Juror Spotlight 8 & 12

For our final Juror spotlights we will introduce you to Mark and Jen. Mark – Juror 8 stands alone at first. He is the character who starts the show unconvinced that it is easy just to throw away a life. Mark can equally play dramatic and comedic characters. His compassion in real life translates well […]

Juror Spotlight 5 & 11

These two men are our gentle giants! Ethan – Juror 5 has played this part previously for another theater. We took what he already did and built some goth into it as well. Ethan is an amazingly gentle soul and plays the Juror from the streets. He “grew up on the wrong side of the […]

Juror Spotlight 4 & 10

What would a jury  be without a racist and a snooty socialite? Well we don’t ever want to find out. Michele – Juror 4 is doing her first show with Midvale Arts though she is no stranger to the stage. Juror 4  in Twelve Angry Jurors is one of the most complex characters in the […]

Juror Spotlight 3 & 7

One of the funnest things about doing theater is dressing up and pretending to be something you are not. We have a lot of actors in Twelve Angry Jurors who have the chance to play people who are the complete opposite of who they are in reality. Take Jurors 3 and 7 for example. Both […]

Juror Spotlight 2 & 6

Onward and upward we climb on our quest to meet all of the Jurors in Twelve Angry Jurors. Today’s jurors … well they also are pretty nice. The name of the show is beginning to sound misleading. We promise, some of the next Jurors you meet will be angry. Marilyn – Juror #2 returns to […]

Website Launch

Welcome to our new website. Huge thanks to Avant8 for all of their hard work on getting us set up and the design of our new logo. Ross, Brian and Blair are amazing. Check them out and tell them that Midvale Arts sent you!!

Free Concert! The Stratford Street Big Band

As part of our Free Concert Series we are thrilled to bring The Stratford Street Big Band on February 21, 2014. The Midvale Performing Arts Center will ring with the sounds of this amazing Big Band beginning at 7:30 p.m. We’ll be swinging to the golden oldies and jazz styling’s all night at the back […]

Twelve Angry Jurors

“Innocent until proven guilty. Presumption of innocence. Proof, beyond a reasonable doubt.” These principles pepper the story of Twelve Angry Jurors. This dramatic play is based on the beloved movie from 1957, Twelve Angry Men. Twelve Angry Jurors tells the story of a jury who has just adjourned from closing arguments in a murder trial. […]