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The Foreigner Cast List Announced

We want to thank everyone that came out and auditioned for The Foreigner! We had a lot of fun during auditions with all of you! Without further adieu the cast list is as follows: “Froggy” LeSueur – Christopher Kucera Charlie Baker – Jenner Bate Betty Meeks – Nancy Jensen Rev. David Marshall Lee – Chris […]

The Foreigner Character Descriptions

“Froggy” LeSueur—forties, perhaps; to quote the script, “seems well-fed, flushed with the spirit of adventure, and right at home”.  He is a British Army explosives instructor, visiting the nearby Army base.  He has a definite Cockney accent! Charlie Baker—Froggy’s  best friend, same age, roughly, as Froggy; however, he’s completely different in personality.  Again, to quote the script:  […]

Once Upon a Mattress Cast List

Below is the Once Upon a Mattress cast list. Thank you to all who auditioned. Minstrel – Hutch Jorgensen Queen Aggravain – Liz Kershisnik-Gwynn King Sextimus the Silent – Kevin Gwynn Wizard – Kory Koontz Jester – Matthew Maag Princess Winnifred – Alyssa Koontz Prince Dauntless – Tanner Tate Lady Larken – Allison Klippel Sir […]

Call for Volunteers

If you like the arts in any way (watching OR performing) come play with us!! Email for more info. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. Some of the committees you can help with are: Productions, Concert, Visual/Literary Arts, Concessions, Volunteers, and more. What skills do you need? NONE!! […]

Noises Off Cast List

Thank you to all of the talented actors who auditioned for our upcoming production of Noises Off. Please see the cast list below: Dotty/Clackett: Carrie Simper Lloyd: Chris Kucera Gary/Roger: Scott Millet Brooke/Vicki: McKenzie Stanworth Poppy: Megan Smyth Frederick/Phillip: Madman Madriaga Belinda/Flavia: Nichole Keddington Tim: Mark Hanson Selsdon: Dain Percifield

Thank You Sorenson Legacy Foundation

A big thank you to the Sorenson Legacy Foundation! They have once again given the Midvale Arts Council a generous grant to send Missoula Children’s Theatre into each of our elementary schools this spring! Art and culture help to educate and influence our youth at a critical time in their lives, thus sparking creativity and […]

Into the Woods Cast List

Narrator/Mysterious Man               Levi Manley Cinderella                                                  Rivkah Wright Jack                                                              Curtis Klippel Jack’s Mother                                          Janzell Tutor Baker                                                           Ames Bell Baker’s Wife                                            Melissa Alston Cinderella’s Stepmother                    Emily Seaton Florinda                                                     DeeDee Palmer Lucinda                                                      Karrlen Johnson Little Red Riding Hood                       Ashley Bates Witch                                                           Casey Matern Cinderella’s Mother/Granny            Katelyn Johnson Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf                   Jeremiah Wing Rapunzel                                                    Natalie Easter Rapunzel’s Prince                                  Craig Clifford […]

What does it mean to be in a production team?

Theater productions usually have an army of workers behind the scenes to pull of what is seen on stage.  Twelve Angry Jurors had a much much smaller crew than normal. This production team, or pro team, consisted of 5 individuals: Producer Stephanie Johnson, Director Melody Chapman, Assistant Director (Production Assistant) DeeDee Palmer, Stage Manager/Tech Jacob […]

Juror Spotlight 5 & 11

These two men are our gentle giants! Ethan – Juror 5 has played this part previously for another theater. We took what he already did and built some goth into it as well. Ethan is an amazingly gentle soul and plays the Juror from the streets. He “grew up on the wrong side of the […]

Juror Spotlight 4 & 10

What would a jury  be without a racist and a snooty socialite? Well we don’t ever want to find out. Michele – Juror 4 is doing her first show with Midvale Arts though she is no stranger to the stage. Juror 4  in Twelve Angry Jurors is one of the most complex characters in the […]