Midvale Performing Arts Center (MPAC)



The Midvale Performing Arts Center (MPAC) was dedicated on June 26, 2004 by Mayor JoAnn Seghini. MPAC houses the Midvale Arts Council and the Community Building Communities group. To schedule the building contact Bob Bedore at bob_bedore@symantec.com.

The MPAC was built as a WPA project in the 1930s and served as Midvale City Hall and the Police Station for several years. The building sat vacant for several years thereafter but underwent extensive remodeling in 2004 and was converted to the Midvale Performing Arts and Community Center (MPAC).

At present, the MPAC houses a basic auditorium upstairs, with the downstairs being used for office space, a conference room, dressing rooms, restrooms, a prop room, and a green room/meeting room. The upstairs auditorium is used primarily for arts programs (theater productions, concerts, receptions, etc.) and has permanent seating of 110, with a raised floor at the back of the auditorium that is used for overflow seating and sound/lighting equipment setup. The Arts Council partners with other groups, such as Pinnacle Acting Company, Sandbox Theatre Company, and Quick Wits, in using the auditorium on a regular basis. Additionally, the auditorium is available for rental to the community for recitals and other performances. To inquire about renting the MPAC contact Bob Bedore at bob_bedore@symantec.com. and see the Acceptable Use Agreement MPAC

Thanks to Salt Lake County Cultural Facilities Support, Midvale City received grant money to conduct a feasibility study on upgrades to the MPAC. This study was just finished and we will be starting a Capital Campaign to raise money to achieve some of these upgrades. While the MPAC has served Midvale City well for many years, there are things that could be done to improve the space for both patrons and performers. Here is a look at some renderings on the possibilities for improvement. If you would like to help make this a reality, contact Daniel at daniel@midvalearts.com or to donate now