Juror Spotlight 1 & 9

As we get closer to our opening of Twelve Angry Jurors, I wanted to introduce you to our Jurors … a few at a time! These two Jurors are new to the stage and we could not be more thrilled to have them come play with us.

Gloria – Juror #9 is no stranger to the Midvale Stage … she just has not been seen on it. Gloria is the secretary of the Midvale Arts Council and is our volunteer coordinator. She put “Audition for a Play” on her bucket list and decided this was a safe show to audition for. To our great delight, she is a natural on the stage! Gloria helps us prove that it is never too late to follow your dreams and reach for the stars. Her quiet demeanor and playful character shirt will have you wonder how angry these jurors really are. Let’s be honest, she might be the nicest juror on the panel.

Gloria 1x1.25

Photo credit McKenzie Stanworth

I say she might be the nicest juror on the panel. Of course Julie – The Foreman #1 might qualify as well. Julie also steps onto the stage for the first time in this show. She is no stranger to the back side of the stage having worked on many productions as Stage Manager and Production Assistant. Julie works as a corporate trainer during the day; we can see how her skills and personality are suited to this job as she handles the many diverse personalities on the jury.

Julie 1x1.25

Photo credit McKenzie Stanworth

We hope you will come out and see Twelve Angry Jurors to see why we love these women … two of our least angry jurors! Show opens Friday February 28, 2014.