Organizational History and Background

Art and culture help educate our community, spark creativity and give meaning to our lives.  The Midvale Arts Council (MAC) has existed in some form for over 30 years, and is comprised of many volunteers who donate their time and resources to fulfilling the mission of the MAC.  Midvale City formally established the MAC by resolution in 1985 as a mechanism to promote the arts and rich cultural heritage of the City.  Arts and culture give people an opportunity to express themselves and embrace the changes they may be experiencing in their personal lives.  The MAC works to create a sense of community pride and hope by showcasing local talent, providing free public concerts and discounted theatrical productions.


To promote the arts in Midvale by sponsoring quality entertainment and by providing opportunities for Midvale citizens of all ages and backgrounds to enrich their lives by experiencing the positive benefits of the arts and local culture.  These benefits include an enhanced appreciation of various styles of music and movement, improved artistic abilities, and refined rehearsal and performance skills. Participants will also further develop those attributes and skills that we believe are basic in an arts education: teamwork, self-discipline, self-confidence, respect for others and critical thinking.


To promote a sense of community and greater access to the arts and culture by offering a free concert series, theatrical productions and participation in local festivals through which all participants will be involved and directed in a professional and nurturing atmosphere.


To make the arts and culture available to every citizen of Midvale, despite their socioeconomic status, while providing opportunities for citizens of all ages and abilities to discover and showcase their talents and skills in a positive environment.


To make Midvale City a destination for art and culture lovers across the Wasatch Front.


The MAC works to create a positive experience for all participants so that they enjoy the process as much as the finished product.