Hall of Honors

Hall of HonorsThe Hall of Honors is made up of native (or adopted) sons and daughters of Midvale who have made significant contributions to Midvale and/or those whose accomplishments and achievements have brought fame and recognition to Midvale as a community.  The recipient of the award will be inducted into the Hall of Honors at a Ceremony and Reception during Harvest Days.

Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to making Midvale City a better place? Consider nominating them for the Hall of Honors.

Nominations are now being accepted for 2017. Please fill out the following application and return to Midvale City Hall (7505 S. Holden St., Midvale, UT 84047) by 5:00 pm, Friday, May 5, 2017. The 2017 Hall of Honors/Youth Ambassador Induction Ceremony and Reception will take place on Wednesday, August 9th at 7:00 pm at the Midvale Performing Arts Center (695 W. Center St., Midvale, UT).

Hall of Honors Nomination Form 2017

Basic rules governing the nomination process:
• Nominee must be a native or adopted son/daughter of Midvale
• Members of the Arts Council and elected city officials are ineligible, while in office
• Nominees can be individuals, couples, or groups
• One nominee will be selected by the Arts Council for induction each year
• Nominees should be living or recently deceased
• Nominees will remain on the nomination list for five years from the time of initial nomination (unless inducted in the interim)


Our Hall of Honors includes:

2017: Trent Gene Jeppson, Iris Buhler
2016: Boys & Girls Club of Midvale
2015: Gloria Ann Parker Johnson, Janet Bates Moore
2014: Kent Bryan Vincent
2013: Grant and Sharlene Pullan; Special Service Award: Midvale Volunteer Fire Fighter
2012: Floyd Tarbet
2011: Rick Battison, Richard Gilbert
2010: Chris Hase, Officer Brian Todd & Koda (K-9 officer)
2009: Linda Mansfield
2008: Laura Wright Samuel Wardle Cerrone, Jim and Joan Roberts
2007: R. Kent and Wanda King, Richard S. Peterson
2006: Ruth C. Allen, Officer Jared Richardson & Vader (K-9 officer) (Special Service Award)
2005: Del Ballard
2004: Fausto Rivas
2003: Donna T. Davies
2002: Juanita Saldivar
2001: Midvale’s service clubs: Midvale/Fort Union Rotary, Midvale Lions Club, Union Lions Club, Midvale Kiwanis Club
2000: Boyd Twiggs,Dr. Eldred G. Wright
1999: Eva Lorena Leyland
1998: Paul Christianson, Union Community Council
1997: Mike Gonzales
1996: Dahl Carter, Donnabel Sharp
1995: Robert J. Morley
1994: Ray Ertmann
1993: Verda L. Wahlquist
1992: Charles J. Troester
1991: Elizabeth C. Whitmore Lind
1990: Ruth Eskelson Miner
1989: Glenn E. Sacos
1988: Tyler R. Vincent
1987: Ben G. Bagley, Harold Ashman
1986: Myrtle Troester, Henry Beckstead, Maurine Conover Jensen, Leo A. Dean
1984: Vella Clarke Jones, Ernest J. Bedont, Alta Miller
1983: Don Leslie Lind, Gordon W. Jensen, Casper A. Nelson, Joseph O. Jones, M. James McFarlane, W. Dale Walters