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Event Winners

Midvale Literary Festival Winners


The Midvale Arts Council was very pleased to hold the first ever Midvale Literary Festival. Through the pandemic we have tried to find different ways to continually spotlight and lift up the arts of Midvale and provide an outlet and entertainment for all. This festival was a way to give some love to the writers of our city (and some surrounding cities).

Victoria Wetzel - “Lagoon Day”

Sara Schmachtenberger - "The Blue Note”

Midvale Literary Festival Flash Fiction Contest Winners!


Congratulations to all of the entrants for our first ever Flash Fiction Contest (sponsored by the Midvale Arts Council). Contestants were given a different location and an object that had to be worked into their 1,000-word (or less) story. They were allowed to write in any genre they desired but had to include their prompts. That is hard enough, but we only gave them 24 hours to complete their stories. 


We had everything from romance to sci-fi and ghost stories to childbirth and picking the winners was very tough for the judges. In the end of a very tight process the top three stories (each receiving a trophy and Amazon Gift Card) are as follows:


1st Place – Sara Schmachtenberger - "The Doll Hospital"

2nd Place - Ren Bromiley - "The Grand Sicily"

3rd Place - Victoria Wetzel - "Time Warp"

Midvale Literary Festival Flash Poetry Contest Winners!


For the Midvale Literary Festival (sponsored by the Midvale Arts Council) we wanted to test the poets out there. To do that gave all the writers the same “word bank”. This consisted of five words (Shoulder, Nod, Attach, Wait, Enchant) and had to be used in their completed poem. The words could be used in different ways (tense, plural, etc.) but had to feature in the poem. And they had 24 hours to create their poem. 


A tough task to be sure, but we received some amazing entries! The judges had another tight race on their hands but in the end came up with the top three. These winners will each receive a trophy and an Amazon gift card for their efforts. The following is the list of the winners. 


1st Place - Mary Mason - "Life Renewed"

2nd Place - Grace Meservy - "Why Can't I Make Myself Cry"

3rd Place - Andrew Walker - "Wait"

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