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 wait - Andrew Walker


I can hear his voice even now as I try to sleep. 


I’ve tried to burn the memories like a vampire in sunlight, But he comes back to me in the middle of the night. Wait. 

The scene rolls back in the movie theatre of my mind, His eyes glinting with the reflection of the sunset, 

His hand in mine, my heart beating faster than time. Wait. 

The memories flood my senses, a hurricane of thought, When he kissed me in the parking lot, 

When his shoulder brushed mine in a crowded room, I tried not to get too attached, to fall so soon. 


He took my hand and took off running, 

I giggled, following his shadow blindly, 

It was too early to have so much trust, 

But I couldn’t bear to be left in the dust, 

I couldn’t help but adore him. 


I find myself back on our first date, 

We make fun of the acting and the writing, 

Chiffon covering my heart, lying in wait, 

A dull transparent attempt at hiding, 

My colors shined through, 

Glimmering with how much I loved you. 


Photographs and snapshots of that day at the mall, 

Wishing we could remember it all, 

The autumn trees marking you with an aura of gold, Unaware of the story that was left to be told, 

Naïvety was the soundtrack of my heart, 

Waiting to be torn apart, 

I was yours, but you were never mine. 


When I heard the rumors about your hidden affairs, I tossed them to the wind, pretending not to care, But a bond bound to be broken broke, 

Ripping apart untarnished trust, 

As I accused you, you gave no response, I looked into your hypnotic eyes, 

And watched as you sputtered out a lie. Wait. 

I told you I would leave forever, 

My rose of love had been irrevocably severed, Love and hate, the twins of the heart, 

Tearing my once soulmate and I apart, 

He begged me not to go, to wait, 

I only realized his plea too late. 


I walked out the door and said goodbye, I never heard the tears he cried, 

How his heart ached as he got in the car, Trying to find a way to the stars, 

His lover beside him as he crashed. 


I worshipped him like the Greek pantheon, He enchanted me with his siren song, 

When I asked if he loved me, he gave me a nod, But the Romans took over and he was gone. Wait. 

It hurts too much to remember it all, 

Yet he still appears in the colors of fall, And the autumn wind still smells like him. Wait. 

His eyes stare at me from the back of my eyelids, My tongue can still feel the taste of his lips.









He comes for me again in the twilight of my dreams, calling, “Wait”

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