Making the Arts and Culture Available

to Every Citizen of Midvale.

Upcoming Events

Writers and Poets of Midvale  

We want to celebrate your work!


On March 26th and 27th Midvale will hold its first Literary Festival showcasing the great work by its residents. Short stories and poems will be featured on our website and social media and prizes will be given to the top entries.


How do you become a part of this?


Simple, send in your short stories (4,000 words or less) and/or poems by March 12th to Please put your name and category in the subject line. Ex: John Doe Short Story Submission.

Entries will be read by a panel of judges and the winners will be announced on March 26th. Like we said, simple. 


What if I don’t have time to write a story or poem?


We got your back on this. This festival hold a Flash Contest where all you get 24 hours to write a story or poem. Those entering will be given prompts for their stories and/or poems and then have one day to get their submission in. Entries in both categories must be under 1,000 words. 


Great! How do I enter the Flash Contest?

Fill out the google form at this link: . Make sure that you answer all questions!. On March 17th you’ll get a reminder email about the upcoming contest. Then on March 19th you’ll get an email with all the instructions and prompts for your submission, and how to get those to our judges. 

Then on March 27th all of the winners will be announced and many of the submissions in all categories will be posted on this site and on the Midvale social media sites as well. 


Did you mention Prizes?


Yes, we did! Ribbons and gift certificates will be presented to winning entries. 


And you’ll be doing this again?


Oh, you bet! And in the coming years we will be looking to make this bigger and bigger. We hope to have classes, panels, workshops and a whole lot more. This is only the beginning!


I guess I’d better get signed up!


Great! We look forward to seeing the great work you bring us!

In accordance with local, county, and state guidance, the Midvale Arts Council has cancelled all in person activities until further notice. 

Please follow us on Facebook for all announcements and the most current list of events.

Additionally, neither of our facilities are available for rent until further notice. 

About MAC

Art and culture help educate our community, spark creativity and give meaning to our lives. The Midvale Arts Council (MAC) has existed in some form for over 30 years, and is comprised of many volunteers who donate their time and resources to fulfilling the mission of the MAC. Midvale City formally established the MAC by resolution in 1985 as a mechanism to promote the arts and rich cultural heritage of the City.

Arts and culture give people an opportunity to express themselves and embrace the changes they may be experiencing in their personal lives. The MAC works to create a sense of community pride and hope by showcasing local talent, providing free public concerts and discounted theatrical productions.


Our Facilities

The Midvale Performing Arts Center (MPAC) was dedicated on June 26, 2004 by Mayor JoAnn Seghini. MPAC houses the Midvale Arts Council and the Community Building Communities group. To schedule the building, contact Daniel Daniels.

The Outdoor Stage in the Park houses our Summer Musical and Free Concert Series.


The outdoor facility is a basic amphitheater in Midvale City Park that is surrounded by a large grass seating area/park grounds.

Get Involved

The Midvale Arts Council sponsors monthly events for the community of Midvale. Come and enjoy them! You can also help us out by becoming a volunteer, auditioning for our upcoming shows, or sponsoring a chair in our theatre.

Thank you

We cannot do what we do at Midvale Arts without generous grants from Midvale City, Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks, Utah Department of Arts and Museums, and Now Playing Utah. Thank you for your financial support of our programming.