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Private and Corporate donations help fund our programs, maintain our building, and allows us to offer low and no cost events for the community. Any level of support is be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your support of our programs and events.

Click the logo below to for our PayPal and/or Venmo accounts. Scanning the QR Code will take you to our donation pages as well. For any issues, please email


If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to:
Midvale Arts Council
695 West Center Street
Midvale, Utah 84047

Please note on your donation if you would like us to spend it on a specific program, if applicable. 

Mailing Instructions for Check Donations


Light Up Midvale

The Board of Directors of Midvale Arts Council, Inc. are pleased to announce that thanks to donations from patrons and generous grants from Salt Lake County and Midvale City we were able to replace the permanent seating in the Midvale Performing Arts Center on March 28, 2014. When MPAC was dedicated, the Midvale Arts Council set a goal to replace the original seating with new, comfortable, and spring-free seats. In addition to this seating, we are working toward permanent lighting and sound at MPAC. The continued support of our patrons will make this dream a reality. Our “Light Up Midvale” campaign is far from over. A donation of $100 allows the donor to ‘sponsor’ a chair at MPAC. Every donor will have his or her name on a plaque on the back of a chair. Due to the limited number of chairs, these plaques are offered on a first come, first serve basis. “Light Up Midvale” is a wonderful way to ensure that facilities in Midvale exist to further the enjoyment of the Arts in our community.

Our Chair Sponsors

Roland Abundo
Art Austin
Lucy Bailey
Sarah Bailey
Del Ballard
Linda Ballard
Brent & Melanie Beardall
Bob Bedore
Jennifer Bedore
Lil Miss Broadway
Elisha Brown
JoAnne Buhler
Joe Buhler
Bernice Casper
Melody Chapman
The Cigarroa Family
Paul Clavell
Sheryn Daugherty
Leo Dean
Jourdan Dixon
Charlotte Graham
Stefanie Graham Gallagher
Blake Heywood

Marilyn F. Judson
Barry & Debbie Johnson
Barry & Gloria Johnson
Stephanie Johnson
Ainsleigh, Damien, Liam, Kelsey, Ellie
Hutch & Candice Jorgensen & Family
Bethany Liedtke
Caroline Liedtke
Jessica Liedtke
Rachel Liedtke
Shane Liedtke
Russ McBride
Colleen & Brad Molen
Brent Moore
Elijah Moore
Miriam Moore
Paige Moore
Romanie R. Murdock
Flora Nielsen
Jeff & Kris Page
Diane Parsons

Lila Perry
D. Keith Powell
Loyce Powell
Grant Pullan
Sharlene Pullan
Charlotte Rasmussen
Millie Reid
James W. Roberts
Joan Roberts
Bonnie Rose
Wilfredo Serrano
Joyce Siu
Debbie Stohel
Adeline Sullenger
John W. & Anne Bailey Sharp Family
Utah Heritage Foundation Volunteer Guild
Aaron Wagner
Caroline P. Wagner
The Walker Brothers
Andrew Walker
Ashley Walker

Eric Walker

Laurene Walker

Nathan Walker

Eric Walker
Laurene Walker
Nathan Walker
Suzanne Walker
Verdon Walker
Wade Walker
Jason Wild

Sheena Williams

Mike Williams

In Memory of Arlene Clavell
In Memory of Rick Battison
In Memory of Sheryl Vicchrilli

Pinnacle Acting Company
Sandbox Theatre Company
Sugar Factory Playhouse
WJ Theater Arts
Goff Mortuary
Lyric Opera Company
Gritton & Associates
Quick Wits

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