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To promote the arts in Midvale by sponsoring quality entertainment and by providing opportunities for Midvale citizens of all ages and backgrounds to enrich their lives by experiencing the positive benefits of the arts and local culture. These benefits include an enhanced appreciation of various styles of music and movement, improved artistic abilities, and refined rehearsal and performance skills. Participants will also further develop those attributes and skills that we believe are basic in an arts education: teamwork, self-discipline, self-confidence, respect for others and critical thinking.



To make the arts and culture available to every citizen of Midvale, despite their socioeconomic status, while providing opportunities for citizens of all ages and abilities to discover and showcase their talents and skills in a positive environment.

Our Purpose

To promote a sense of community and greater access to the arts and culture by offering a free concert series, theatrical productions and participation in local festivals through which all participants will be involved and directed in a professional and nurturing atmosphere.


Our Vision

Our vision is to brighten the lives and imaginations of the citizens of Midvale by providing everyone with an opportunity to experience arts and culture through watching, participating, and in various outreach programs. We strive to make a difference in people’s lives and to show the Wasatch Front that Midvale is the place for Arts in the HeART of the Valley.

Volunteer Council

Meet the Midvale Volunteer Arts Council

The Midvale Volunteer Arts Council (MVAC) is a group of citizens who believe that the arts are vital to our community. If you would like to participate with MVAC please sent an email to

If you like the arts in any way (watching OR performing) come play with us!! You can be involved as much or as little as you like. Some of the committees you can help with are: Productions, Concert, Visual/Literary Arts, Concessions, Volunteers, and more. What skills do you need? NONE!! We will take anyone that wants to come play. We will teach you what you need to know. Do you have to live in Midvale? NO! As long as you love Midvale and want to make a difference – we want you!!

“Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.”

If you would like to be involved in the discussion email

Board of Directors

Midvale Arts Council Board of Directors

Wade was born and raised in Midvale, Utah. Wade is a graduate from Hillcrest High School and has a Bachelor of Science degree in International Finance from BYU. Wade has been a Bank Examiner with the FDIC for over 20 years, and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Wade served an LDS mission in Japan. Wade has been a member of the Midvale Arts Council for 20 years, serving as Co-Chair with his wife Suzanne for over 15. Wade is active in the community in church service and youth sports programs. Wade spends as much time as he can on stage performing in theatrical productions or singing with his brothers – the Walker Brothers. Wade met his wife while doing a show, and together they have four children.

Wade Walker.jpg

Wade Walker


Bob Bedore has been a fixture in Utah Theater for over 35 years. He’s performed in over 150 different productions throughout most of the state and has directed over two dozen shows. He has written two books on teaching improv, over a dozen plays, and a few screenplays. He’s known as the “Godfather” of Utah improv and still plays with the troupe, “Quick Wits”, almost every weekend (he has performed over 3000 improv shows. In fact, you can usually catch him Saturday nights at the MPAC making up jokes. Bob has owned his own theater and has sat on a few different theater boards. His day job is that of a video producer and in his free time he is usually playing with his family, writing, or doing Stand Up wherever they’ll let him.


Bob Bedore

Vice President


Stephanie Johnson


Stephanie was born in Tennessee and moved to Utah in 1980. She is a long-time Midvale resident and is a graduate of Hillcrest High School. Stephanie has a certificate of Human Resource Management and Bachelor of Science in Business, Human Resource Management from WGU. Stephanie is an Operations Manager for a credit management company in Salt Lake City, and is a Certified Credit Executive (CCE). Stephanie is the President of the Midvale Arts Volunteer Council and has served on the Arts Council since 2000. Stephanie works primarily with the Productions Committee acting on stage, directing, and producing for Midvale Arts. Stephanie loves to travel and fancies herself an über amateur photographer. She is a proud Auntie to the most incredible niblings. 

Position is Open




Bryant Brown

City Liaison

Bryant Brown is the Midvale City Council liaison for the Arts Council.

Arts Admin

Position Open

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