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The Hall of Honors is made up of native (or adopted) sons and daughters of Midvale who have made significant contributions to Midvale and/or those whose accomplishments and achievements have brought fame and recognition to Midvale as a community. The recipient of the award will be inducted into the Hall of Honors at a Ceremony and Reception during Harvest Days. Current Mayor, City Council, and members of the Arts Council are not eligible for consideration of this award until such a time as they are no longer on these Councils.

Nominations are kept on file for 5 years consideration.

To be considered for the 2024 award, the application must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Hall of Honors Inductees

2023: Clark Phelps

2022: Kane Loader, Midvale Historical Society & Museum

2021: JoAnn B. Seghini

2020: No Ceremony

2019: Allen & Jan Litster, Albin “Mickey” Ross

2018: Mayor Joseph Mazuran

2017: Iris Kunz Buhler; Trent Gene Jepson

2016: Boys and Girls Club of Midvale

2015: Gloria Ann Parker Johnson; Janet Bates Moore

2014: Kent Bryan Vincent

2013: Grant and Sharlene Pullan; Special Service Award: Midvale Volunteer Firefighters

2012: Floyd Tarbet

2011: Rick Battison, Richard Gilbert

2010: Chris Hase, Officer Brian Todd & Koda (K-9 officer)

2009: Linda Mansfield

2008: Laura Wright Samuel Wardle Cerrone, Jim and Joan Roberts

2007: R. Kent and Wanda King, Richard S. Peterson

2006: Ruth C. Allen, Officer Jared Richardson & Vader (K-9 officer) (Special Service Award)

2005: Del Ballard

2004: Fausto Rivas

2003: Donna T. Davies

2002: Juanita Saldivar

2001: Midvale's service clubs: Midvale/Fort Union Rotary, Midvale Lions Club, Union Lions Club, Midvale Kiwanis Club

2000: Boyd Twiggs,Dr. Eldred G. Wright

1999: Eva Lorena Leyland

1998: Paul Christianson, Union Community Council

1997: Mike Gonzales

1996: Dahl Carter, Donnabel Sharp

1995: Robert J. Morley

1994: Ray Ertmann

1993: Verda L. Wahlquist

1992: Charles J. Troester

1991: Elizabeth C. Whitmore Lind

1990: Ruth Eskelson Miner

1989: Glenn E. Sacos

1988: Tyler R. Vincent

1987: Ben G. Bagley, Harold Ashman

1986: Myrtle Troester, Henry Beckstead, Maurine Conover Jensen, Leo A. Dean

1984: Vella Clarke Jones, Ernest J. Bedont, Alta Miller

1983: Don Leslie Lind, Gordon W. Jensen, Casper A. Nelson, Joseph O. Jones, M. James McFarlane, W. Dale Walters

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